Macnica, Inc.

Macnica, Inc. ( is a global leader in design services and franchised distribution for semiconductors and networking products. Macnica's subsidiary divisions are located in Japan, Asia, America, and Europe. Combined sales exceed $2 billion per year.

Macnica, Inc. has 2 subsidiaries in America:

Macnica Americas

Macnica Americas is a semiconductor distributor with expertise in design services, IP, applications support, and logistics. Macnica Americas has offices throughout the USA and Canada.

Franchised suppliers include:

Macnica USA

Macnica USA, located in San Jose, CA, is a distributor of semiconductors and TFT displays.

Macnica USA Automotive, located in Schaumburg, IL, specializes in automotive grade semiconductors.

Franchised suppliers include:

NTT Electronics Ortustech Genesys Logic FDK Ricoh THine