FPGA SoC & Base Boards and FPGA Daughter Cards

FPGA SoC Boards

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Mpression Borax System On Module with Altera Cyclone V SoC FPGA 

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Borax SOM is a system on module card integrating an Altera® Cyclone® V SoC and necessary memory, power and external interfaces on a very small size card.

The modules are available in different configurations to meet your production requirements. 

A base board that interfaces to the SOM for development is also available.

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Mpression Sodia Cyclone V ST SoC FPGA Evaluation Board


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The Mpression Sodia board is a development platform for embedded system designs with Altera Cyclone V ST FPGAs with 6.144 Gbps transceivers. The Sodia board is an upward-compatible superset of the Mpression Helio Kit allowing Helio Kit users to easily upgrade their development environment with more functionality.

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Terasic Atlas-SoC Development Kit


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The Atlas-SoC Development Kit presents a robust hardware design platform built around the Altera System-on-Chip (SoC) FPGA, which combines the latest dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 embedded cores with industry-leading programmable logic for ultimate design flexibility. The Atlas-SoC development board is equipped with high-speed DDR3 memory, analog to digital capabilities, Ethernet networking, and much more that enable many exciting applications.

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FPGA Base Boards

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Nitro Cyclone V GX I/O Expansion Base Board 


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The Mpression Nitro board is an evaluation board developed by Macnica for the Altera Cyclone® V GX FPGA. The Mpression Nitro board has components such as an Altera Cyclone V GX FPGA, DDR3 memories and clock ICs, and the three HSMC connectors. Users can be quickly prototyping FPGA-based multi-input/output applications in combination with various I/O daughter cards.

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Beryll Cyclone V GX FPGA Base Board


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The Mpression Beryll board is an evaluation board developed by Macnica for the Altera Cyclone® V GX FPGA.  Users can evaluate the various features of the Cyclone V GX FPGA before developing their own embedded systems. Additionally, there are a variety of interfaces and expansion mezzanine connectors on the Beryll board. 

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Mpression Hydra I/O Board


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The Mpression Hydra board is an I/O companion board for Renesas's 2nd generation Car Infortainment SoC "R-Car H2".

It uses an Altera Cyclone® V GX FPGA – the Lowest cost & Lowest power 28nm FPGA with automotive temperature grade capability, creating an I/O function & image processing extensible platform of Car infotainment SoC for new interface or additional function development.

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FPGA Daughter Cards

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USB 3.0 HSMC Daughter Card 


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The USB 3.0 Interface Board uses a Cypress USB3.0 controller "EZ-USB ®FX3™" and an Altera's High-Speed Mezzanine Connector (HSMC), allowing this board to work with various Altera development kits via HSMC. By using this USB 3.0 Interface Board, customers can enable USB 3.0 transmission in their system.

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LVDS HSMC Daughter Card


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This LVDS interface daughter card can easily provide you with an LVDS evaluation environment for Altera development kits that support HSMC connection.

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Embedded HSMC Daughter Card


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The Embedded HSMC Daughter Card is an extension card having PCI Express Cable, Gigabit Ethernet and UART interfaces and SRAM and Flash memories that can work with various FPGA development kits with High Speed Mezzanine Connectors (HSMCs) defined by Altera. 

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