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Macnica Americas uses its expertise in systems design to give you development kits and boards that can get you started on your design. Virtual training vWorkshops are also available to help you get going quickly and easily.


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Mpression Odyssey IoT Solutions

Building a device for the Internet of Things shouldn't be a struggle. Macnica Americas has a complete portfolio of products and services and the technical knowledge and support to help speed you on your way to building successful IoT products.

Mpression Odyssey MAX 10 FPGA and BLE Sensor Kit
Create a Custom Bluetooth Device In Minutes

Mpression Odyssey IoT Smart Phone App
Create a Smart Phone Interface App Without Writing Any Code

Design Services and Cloud Integration
End-to-End Solutions and Support

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Bluetooth Smart and WiFi Kits and Boards

Developers can use these platform development kits to create secure wireless networking applications on a wide array of platforms encompassing wireless connectivity technologies. The platforms encompass:

  • Wi-Fi - a development system for Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Bluetooth Smartâ„¢ - a development system for Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth Low Energy) applications

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Altera SoC and FPGA Base Boards and Daughter Cards

Macnica offers Altera Cyclone V SoC platforms that combine the power of dual ARM Cortex-A9 processors with the flexibility of programmable logic. These fully tested and proven platforms enable designers to get an ARM SoC design up and running in minutes. Available platforms include the Helio View kit, Sodia board, and the Borax system-on-module (SOM) with base board. The Borax SOM can be developed using the base board, then used in a production environment as a stand-alone product.

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