Video: Ubuntu Image for Helio Kit

Getting started using Altera's dual-core ARM A9-enabled FPGAs may seem daunting at first, especially when using an unfamiliar Linux distribution like the customized builds that come included with standard SoC development kits.  However, using the Macnica Helio kit, it's possible to use one of the world's most popular Linux distributions instead: Ubuntu.  

This video below shows how to set up a Macnica Helio board to get Ubuntu Linux running on its ARM processors.  Step-by-step, the video shows you how to obtain the Ubuntu Linux image,  load this image into the Helio board's SD card, and get Ubuntu running on your embedded system.  Also shown is an example illustrating how to use "apt-get" and Debian packages to install utilities to customize your embedded system without having to rebuild your system with Yocto or building the utility software from source.  

Using Ubuntu as your embedded Linux environment provides users with a familiar Linux distribution that they already know how to work with and helps boost user's productivity by leveraging the technology/software base that Ubuntu provides.

Video: Loading Ubuntu Linux on the Macnica Helio Board

  Download Ubuntu SD card image