vWorkshops Overview

We are pleased to offer engineers, designers and developers hands-on learning in our Virtual Workshop one hour training sessions. These sessions will focus on the practical aspects of getting going as quickly as possible and have hands-on coursework that you can complete at your leisure. Each course is tailored to a specific engineering task. Pick and choose the classes you want to take and learn from the comfort of your own office. Classes can be taken in any order.

2014 Altera SoC vWorkshops

The new 2014 Altera SoC workshops are centered around hardware and software development using the Cyclone V SoC FPGA on the Mpression Macnia Helio View development kit. Based on the popular vWorkshop series held in 2013, the new workshops have been redesigned to be more interactive and focus on key aspects of designing with Cyclone V SoC devices, including tool setup, processor and FPGA hardware usage, power management, operating systems, debug tools, and video/graphics processing.

  Complete list of on-demand 2014 Altera SoC workshops

Bluetooth SMART vWorkshops

A series of vWorkshops on Bluetooth SMART concepts and implementation using the Mpression Odyssey MAX 10 FPGA & BLE Sensor Kit available. The series also includes an introduction to FPGA design using the Odyssey kit.

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