BittWare has been designing and delivering a wide range of FPGA PCIe boards and sells a range of compatible IP cores and servers as well as custom ODM and OEM design services for customers that need specialized solutions in volume.

  • FPGA Boards
  • IP Cores
  • Development Tools
  • Custom Solutions

BittWare PCIe Boards with Intel Stratix 10 and Arria 10 FPGAs

S10VM4    - Stratix 10 FPGA | HBM2 | 4x 100G

Bittware S10Device


A10SA4    - Arria 10 | Low-Profile Passive



A10PL4    - Arria 10 GX | Low-Profile

Bittware A10PL4


A10P3S    - Single-Slot | Lots of I/O

Bittware A10P3S


A10PED    - Dual Arria 10 GX

Bittware A10PED





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