Rhonda Software

Rhonda Software is a camera design house and a close partner of Ambarella, Inc., with a track record of over 20 years in R&D. Rhonda has worked with many companies helping them to develop their products in such areas as virtual reality (VR) cameras, wearable video recorders, drone cameras, dash-cams, and many other applications.

As a service provider, Rhonda facilitates innovative camera product development with a major focus on complex designs and unique functionality including support of Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks running on the network-edge device.

To help customers speed up their time to market with a camera implementation, Rhonda offers System on a Module (SoM) solutions based on various Ambarella Systems on Chip (SoCs): A12, H2, H22, S5L, CV22.



Rhonda H22 SOMH22 SOM

H22 System On Module (H22 SoM) is a hardware platform for consumer and professional imaging products. H22 SoM is based on Ambarella® H22S85N™ SoC. H22 SoM contains a main board and a set of daughter boards, allowing flexible functionality.

H22 SoM is low-power, ready-to-integrate and production ready for rapid prototyping, quick development and the production of robots, drones, or other applications.

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