TQ Systems TQMa8Xx SOM

The TQ TQMa8MxML SoM features high-performance ARM Cortex© multi-core processors (A35), combined with an ARM Cortex© M4 (for real-time and security applications). In addition to powerful processing and rich graphics, audio, and I/O, the SOM also features low power (4 watts typical) and is smaller than a business card.

TQMa8Xx Features

  • ARM Cortex© A35 (2/4 CPU’s) & ARM Cortex© M4
  • 4K Graphics 
  • DSP for audio processing, EASI 
  • 2xGb Ethernet, PCIe, multiple USB 2.0/3.0 (OTG)
  • UARTs and CAN interfaces
  • MIPI for Display and camera, plus dual LVDS
  • Memory: DDR3L, NOR & eMMC/SDIO flash, EEPROM
  • Temperature sensor, JTAG, RTC
  • Low power: 4 watts typical
  • 55mm x 44mm, 3.3V
  • Standard and extended temperature (-40C to 85C)

Block Diagram (click to enlarge)


Ordering Information

Part Number Descriptions

TQMa8XD-AA (Prototypes available)

i.MX8X Dual/typ 1.0 GHz/max 1.2 GHz, 8 GB eMMC Flash, 1 GB DDR3L, 64 kB EEPROM, -25°C…+85°C
(Prototypes available)
i.MX8X Dual Plus/typ 1.0 GHz/max 1.2 GHz, 8 GB eMMC Flash, 1 GB DDR3L, 64 kB EEPROM, -25°C…+85°
(Prototypes available)
i.MX8X Quad Plus/typ 1.0 GHz/max 1.2 GHz, 8 GB eMMC Flash, 1 GB DDR3L, 64 kB EEPROM, -25°C…+85°
  Other configurations on request
(Prototypes available)
STKa8Xx (Eval Kit) with TQMa8Xx-AA, i.MX8X/typ 1.0 GHz/max 1.2 GHz, 1 GB DDR3L, 8 GB eMMC Flash,
64 kB EEPROM, 1x RS232, 2x CAN FD separated, 1x USB 3.0 OTG, 4x USB 2.0 HOST, 2x ETH 10/100/1000,
1x HDMI/DP, 2x LVDS/DSI, 1x PCIe, RTC, Temperature sensor, Reset-Button, SD interface, Power Supply,
4 GB SD card, Cables
Starterkit STK8Xx set The core of the STKa8Xx set is the TQMa8Xx module with a i.MX8X Cortex®-A35 CPU. The components
contained in the starter kit constitute a modular system enabling you to develop your own product
ideas. Development of graphic interfaces can be started immediately using a TQ display kit which is
adjusted for a starter kit. To develop your own hardware you can use the certified and qualified circuit
components of the starter kit in your own designs.STKa8MxML (Eval Kit) with TQMa8MxML-AA, i.MX8M Mini Quad Cortex®-A53/1.6 GHz, 2 GB LPDDR4, 8 GB eMMC Flash, 64 kB EEPROM, RTC, 2x USB 2.0 HOST, 1x USB 2.0 OTG, 1x ETH 10/100/1000, 1x eDP, 1x LVDS, 1x MIPI CSI, 1x Mini PCIe + SIM Card, Audio, Temperature sensor, Reset-Button, SD Card interface, Power Supply, 4 GB SD card, Cables



TQ Embedded is known for:

  • Precision German engineering, now with a North America presence
    • Robust industrial products with support
  • Widest portfolio of embedded processing architectures: ARM, x86, PowerPC 
  • Comprehensive in-house process and facilities for true long-life availability
  • Modules with full signal availability (ALL signals available, not just selective groups)
  • In-house full control: design, manufacturing, specialized adaptations
  • Robust baseboard options, production-ready for mounting their SOM products