Ortus Technology

Ortus Technology, a Toppan Printing business unit, offers small and medium-sized, high-quality TFT LCDs, with exceptional low-power sunlight-readable color rendering.

From the heritage of Casio's LCD technology, Ortus Technology is used by mobile device developers worldwide in watches, mobile phones, digital cameras, electronic dictionaries but has expanded to support industrial applications such as robotics, test measurement equipment, and even construction machinery.

Ortus Technology's small to medium-sized TFT displays are particularly applicable for environmentally demanding industrial applications such as hand terminals, POS, factory automation and office equipment due to its:

  • Ultra-light weight, compact-designed frame and touch panel options
  • Wide-range of operation temperature, resolution and interface types
  • Blanview” display - ultra low power, high contrast, high-quality color with true white and, excellent visibility even under direct sunlight
  • Capability to customize based on requirements
  • Supports small volume production
  • Long product lifecycles

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