Lynred USA

Located in the USA, Lynred USA is a technological leader in infrared solutions. Lynred USA is a subsidiary of Lynred, manufacturers of advanced infrared detectors. Lynred USA engineers, designs, and manufactures camera cores utilizing Lynred detectors, as well as night vision systems.  The product line offerings of Lynred USA and Lynred cover the entirety of the electromagnetic spectrum, from near to very far infrared. Due to the variety of products, the companies are able to serve various markets including surveillance & security, law enforcement, fire detection, leisure, automotive, scientific, automation, industrial, gas detection, airborne, and ground/land vehicle.  


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Unprecedented entry-level-cost sensors for thermal/LWIR 


Disruptive thermal sensor technology for smart buildings.

  • Integrated 120/90 deg FOV lens
  • Power consumption ≤ 55 mW (continuous mode)
  • 80 x 80 pixels thermal sensor
  • 8 - 14 μm spectral range
  • Microbolometer Technology
  • Multifunctional sensor (detection, tracking, people counting)
  • Very Low Power and compact
  • Large area covered

Ideal for...

  • Space management: occupancy data tracking for optimal use of square meterage
  • Energy management: real-time data analysis for lower energy bills
  • Safety: hotspot detection for fire prevention
  • Security: intrusion detection
  • Nonintrusive and anonymous
  • Ideal for wireless/IoT solutions

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MICRO80GEN2™- Infrared Sensormicro80gen2 back

The ideal low-cost sensor for high volume applicationsmicro80gen2 front

The Micro80Gen2  leverages the very best of the first generation Lynred 80 x 80 format thermal image sensors (including a fully digital system, high-quality imaging, and low power consumption) while introducing valuable new features that are unique in the field of large-volume thermal image sensors. It is the first image sensor developed using a Ball Grid Array (BGA) package containing an integral lens holder setting a new standard for M10 mount optics.

The Micro80Gen2 offers unlimited potential for OEMs to create new experiences in either thermal handheld or stationary apparatus for smart building technology/surveillance, (people flow/thermal activity for building energy systems ), ADAS systems (advanced driver assistance), general thermal monitoring of machinery/industrial equipment, and other applications.


  • M10 threaded “bring your own lens”
  • 34 µm pixel pitch
  • 80 x 80 FPA
  • 8 - 14 μm spectral range
  • Microbolometer Technology
  • Performance - NETD <100mK (f1, 27°C, 50Hz)
  • Full digital
  • TECless/Shutterless compatible
  • Operability 24/7 (in all weather conditions)
  • Overexposure/sun safe
  • Available with multiple FOVs (90 / 120 deg)
  • Compact (14mm x 14mm x 9mm)
  • Weight: <2g

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