Logistics Services

As a leading global distributor, Macnica takes a pride in its logistics services with quality and agility.

Franchised Distribution as the primary source of semiconductors and electronic components for electronics design and manufacturing customers. Macnica Group franchises with more than 200 worldwide suppliers as the primary authorized distributor to serve customers large and small in Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific countries.   

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SQA Cert Badge - ISO9001 (150)_0.pngMacnica Americas has an ISO9000 certified distribution warehouse in California, and use an ISO9000 certified third party logistics (3PL) warehouse in Huntsville, AL for automotive customers.



Supply Chain in Asia

Macnica Americas works very closely with our overseas locations including the ones in Asia in the case you need off-shore production. Please contact us for your component sourcing (and pricing) needs in other parts of the world. 

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Other services

Macnica Americas also provides various kinds of support in your logistics needs. Please consult us with your needs and requirements.

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