1. vWorkshop: Altera SoC Introduction

Name Altera (Intel) SoC Introduction

In this vWorkshop you will learn the basics about the Altera (Intel) SoC device, including the Hard Processor System, and how to load a SoC design onto the Mpression Helio board. An overview of both the hardware and software development flows will be presented.  Macnica engineers will walk you through getting your board up and running.

Prerequisites In order to participate in the hands-on portions of this workshop, attendees are expected to purchase a board, download and install the embedded tool set, and have their board connected to power/USB at the start of the class.
What you'll be able to do after
  • Understand the basic flow for an SoC project and download files to the Macnica Helio board
  • Download new FPGA and SW code to the board (or SD card) 
  • Demonstrations
  • Introduction to the vWorkshops
  • Introduction to the Helio Board
  • Altera SoC Overview
  • Hardware and Software Flow Overview
  • Development  Environments
  • Interactive help setting up Helio board
  • Q&A