3. Adding and Simulating Custom SoC Peripherals

Name Creating a custom HPS peripheral in the FPGA fabric

In this vWorkshop you will learn how to create a custom peripheral in the FPGA fabric and how to standardize that peripheral so it can be accepted Qsys, the ARM DS-5 debug tools, and the Linux environment. This vWorkshop assumes a basic understanding of FPGAs and is taught with the FPGA/HW designer in mind.

  • Completion of the HPS Usage class "homework", or equivalent knowledge showing you can create an FPGA design that includes the HPS
What you'll be able to do after
  • Create a peripheral in soft logic that can be accessed by the HPS, debug tools, and the Linux environment
  • Add LED flashing peripheral (flash speed control based on Linux input) to system
  • Demonstrations
  • Qsys Review
  • Custom Component Creation
  • Custom Component Verification
  • Detailed Lab Walk-through
  • Q&A