6. Altera SoC Embedded Design Suite

Name The SoC Embedded Development Suite (EDS) The What, Why and How…

In this vWorkshop you will learn how to use the SoC EDS to enable firmware and application development on the Mpression Helio board. The SoC EDS includes all the tools necessary for board bring-up, driver development, OS porting and everything all the way through to debugging soft IP on the FPGA. This vWorkshop assumes a basic understanding of software development and is taught with the software designer in mind.

  • Completion of the introductory workshop or equivalent understanding of basic SoC design flow
  • SoC EDS installed and familiarity with embedded software development
What you'll be able to do after
  • Use SoC EDS to start your own software development
  • Debug example Linux system
  • View registers in IP blocks
  • Demonstrations
  • SoC Review
  • Altera's SoC EDS
  • Detailed Lab Walk-through
  • Q&A