7. Build a Linux OS and Simple Application for the Altera SoC

Name How to build Linux for Macnica Helio SoC evaluation kit

In this vWorkshop you will learn how to setup and build from scratch a Linux system using the Yocto Project to cold-boot the kernel on the Mpression Helio board. You will also learn how to compile, execute and debug a simple user application in the Linux environment running on the board. This vWorkshop assumes a basic understanding of Linux development and is taught with the software designer in mind.

  • Completion of the introductory workshop or equivalent understanding of basic SoC design flow
  • Available Linux host/OS and familiarity with embedded Linux kernel development
What you'll be able to do after
  • Build Yocto Linux with default BSP (recipe)
  • Compile, execute and debug a user application on embedded Linux
  • Build Linux kernel and boot from SD card on the Macnica Helio board
  • Write, compile and debug simple application for Linux on Macnica Helio board
  • Demonstrations
  • SoC Review
  • Linux for SoC – Bottom Up
  • Yocto Project Details for Altera SoC
  • Build, run and debug a simple application
  • Detailed Lab Walk-through
  • Q&A