8. Helio View Software

Name SoC Graphics and Video using Linux or Android

In this vWorkshop you will learn how to control Altera video IP components and about the Linux DirectFB graphics thin library.  You will also explore the Android environment and the advantages of the FujiSoft 2D graphics engine.  This vWorkshop is taught with the software designer in mind.

  • Completion of the Altera SoC Embedded Design Suite class and labs and a basic understanding of embedded displays and graphics processing.
What you'll be able to do after
  • Understand how DirectFB is implemented to interface with the SoC LCD controller.
  • Understand the advantages of using Android and the Fujisoft 2D graphics engine.
  • Control video streams and layers that use the Altera VIP suite.
  • Demonstrate DirectFB libraries and the SoC FPGA LCD controller
  • Demonstrate the Fujisoft 2D graphics engine within an Android system
  • Create a video overlay on top of streaming video
  • Demonstrations
  • Altera Video IP Suite
  • DirectFB graphics
  • FujiSoft's Android and Graphics Acceleration
  • Q&A