TQ Systems Atom x6000 Modules

TQ’s Atom x6000E Based Modules Leap to Next Level of Computing, Graphics and IO Performance – Small but Mighty and Efficient

2.9 GHz – 4K Video – Blazing IO – Wallet sized – Low power

TQ Systems’ precision engineered modules include a rich portfolio of Intel Atom based modules.  The latest based on the Atom x6000E family take performance to the next level while maintaining a small footprint and lower power:

  • Compute performance: +50% to 70%

  • GPU performance: +100% with multiple 4K/2K 60p interfaces

  • Blazing IO:  LPDDR4@4267 MT/s, PCIe Gen 3 x 4, USB 3.2 Gen 2, up to 2.5 GbE, etc.

  • Low power: Typical 3 – 8W

Need special configurations or customized hardware or BIOS? Just ask! 

Need free schematic support or questions answered?  Just ask!

Need an industrial strength baseboard or kit to start with? We can get that too.

These are just part of what separates TQ and Macnica from the competition.

TQ Systems TQMxE40S

TQ Systems TQMxE40M






TQ Systems TQMxE40C1

TQ Systems TQMxE40C2






See technical details for the x6000E family of modules

Typical Applications

  • Aviation: Data logger for engine/landing gear/maintenance, cabin lighting system and A/C controls.

  • Industrial Automation: AI/vision applications, PLC, industrial control and automation.

  • Robotics: Robots for welding, painting, collaboration, etc., real time control.

  • Energy: Smart grid control, controls for solar and hydroelectric plants, wind turbine control.

  • Transportation & Signage: Information/ticketing systems, signage, outdoor kiosks, etc

Ordering Information

Please contact Macnica for ordering information

TQ Systems is known for:

  • Precision German engineering, now with a North American presence

  • Robust industrial products

  • First-in-class customer and technical support

  • Widest portfolio of embedded processing architectures: ARM, x86, PowerPC

  • Comprehensive in-house process and facilities for true long-life availability

  • Modules with full signal availability (ALL signals available, not just selective groups)

  • In-house full control: design, manufacturing, specialized adaptations

  • Robust baseboard options, production ready for mounting their SOM products

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