TQ Systems TQMLX2160A SOM

TQ Systems’ latest module (SOM) TQMLX2160A, is based on the new 64-bit QorIQ® Layerscape® processor family from technology partner NXP. The module is ideal for robust and industrial applications requiring high performance computing and networking:

  • Network Function Virtualization (Enterprise CPE, Service provider edge routers, etc)
  • White box switching (Control plane for L2 switches in TOR/EOR applications, Hose VMs, etc)
  • Storage controller (RAID, All flash arrays, Intelligent storage controller)
  • 5G packet processing (CRAN, Micro base station, etc)

TQMLX2160A Features:

  • Smaller than a typical smart phone (126mm x 78mm)
  • ARM Cortex A72 (QorIQ Lyerscape) with up to 16 cores
  • UP to 2x 100Gb Ethernet and 16x 25GbE, 1/2.5/5/10/25/40 GbE
  • 130 Gb/s Ethernet layer 2 switch
  • Up to 2x 32GB DDR4 SDRAM (w/ECC)
  • Up to 24 lanes of PCIe Gen 4 (up to x8 wide)
  • Multiple interfaces of: USB3 OTG, CAN FD, SDIO/eMMC, SATA 3.0, SPI, I2C, Serial
  • Up to 64GB eMMC, EEPROM, QSPI NOR flash, 32xGPIO, RTC
  • Extended temperature and planned Long term availability
  • Secure Boot and Arm TrustZone technology
  • Security accelerator and data compression/decompression engine
  • OS Support: Linux, VxWorks upon request

Block Diagram (Click to enlarge)

TQMLX2160A Block Diagram

Baseboard available

TQ Systems has also developed an industrial motherboard (baseboard for the module) for application development.

These baseboards are also “production-ready” for those wanting rapid product integration.

Ordering Information

Part Number Descriptions
TQMLX2160A-AA (Prototypes Q2/20) TQMLX2160A-AA, 16 Cortex®-A72/2.2 GHz, 8 GB eMMC Flash, 128 MB QSPI NOR, 32 GB DDR4, + ECC, 64 kB EEPROM, RTC, -40°C...+85°C
TTQMLX2120A-AA (Prototypes Q2/20) TQMLX2120A-AA, 12 Cortex®-A72/2.2 GHz, 8 GB eMMC Flash, 128 MB QSPI NOR, 32 GB DDR4, + ECC, 64 kB EEPROM, RTC, -40°C...+85°C
TQMLX2080A-AA (Prototypes Q2/20) TQMLX2080A-AA, 8 Cortex®-A72/2.2 GHz, 8 GB eMMC Flash, 128 MB QSPI NOR, 32 GB DDR4, + ECC, 64 kB EEPROM, RTC, -40°C...+85°C, Other configurations on request
STKLX2160A-AA (Prototypes Q2/20) STKLX2160A (Eval Kit) with TQMLX2160A-AA, 16x Cortex®-A72/2.2 GHz, 32 GB DDR4, + ECC, 8 GB eMMC Flash, 64 kB EEPROM, RTC, 2x CAN FD separated, 2x USB 3.0 HOST, 10x ETH 10/100/1000, 2x 10 Gbit Ethernet, 1x 100 Gbit Ethernet, 2x PCIe Gen4 (x4), 1x Mini PCIe + SIM Card, 1x M.2 SATA, 1x SATA 2.5”, 1x SD-Card, Temperature sensor, Reset-Button, Power Supply, 8 GB SD Card, Cables, Heatspreader, Heatsink


TQ Embedded is known for:

  • Precision German engineering, now with a North America presence
    • Robust industrial products with support
  • Widest portfolio of embedded processing architectures: ARM, x86, PowerPC 
  • Comprehensive in-house process and facilities for true long-life availability
  • Modules with full signal availability (ALL signals available, not just selective groups)
  • In-house full control: design, manufacturing, specialized adaptations
  • Robust baseboard options, production-ready for mounting their SOM products

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