TQ Systems TQMx80UC COM Express Module

The TQ COM Express® Compact module TQMx80UC provides outstanding CPU and graphics performance. The Intel® Core™ with the 8th generation i3, Core™ i5, Core™ i7, Celeron and Pentium processors with a maximum of 4 cores enable new applications in robot control, industrial control, measurement and instrumentation. The integrated Intel® graphics core UHD 620 guaranties best graphics experience and supports up to three independent displays with up to 4K resolution.

The overall performance benefits from the ultra fast DDR4-2400 memory and up to 8 MB cache. For industrial applications the module delivers also high bandwidth interconnection with 9x PCI Express, 2x SATA Gen3, 4x USB 3.1 Gen. 2 and Gigabit Ethernet with IEEE1588 support.

Features:TQ Systems TQMx80UC COM Express Module

  • High end Intel® CoreTM performance up to Quad Core 4.6 GHz/8 M cache
  • Fast DDR4-2400 SO-DIMM Memory up to 64 GByte
  • Onboard eMMC flash from 8 GByte to 128 GByte
  • 4x USB 3.1 Gen 2 (10 GBit/s)
  • 3 independent displays with up to 4K resolution
  • Options for LVDS, TPM

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Ordering Information

Part Number Descriptions
TQMx80UC-AA Core™ i7-8665UE (4x 1.7/4.4 GHz, 8 MB, 15 W), eDP display, 32 GByte eMMC, Standard Temp. 0 °C...+60 °C
TQMx80UC-AB Core™ i5-8365UE (4x 1.6/4.1 GHz, 6 MB, 15 W), eDP display, 32 GByte eMMC, Standard Temp. 0 °C...+60 °C
TQMx80UC-AC Core™ i3-8145UE (2x 2.2/3.9 GHz, 4 MB, 15 W), eDP display, no eMMC, Standard Temp. 0 °C...+60 °C
TTQMx80UC-AD Core™ i3-8145UE (2x 2.2/3.9 GHz, 4MB, 15W), LVDS display, TPM, 8 GByte eMMC, Standard Temp. 0 °C...+60 °C
TQMx80UC-AE Celeron® 4305UE (2x 2.0/2.0 GHz, 2 MB, 15 W), eDP display, 8 GByte eMMC, Standard Temp. 0 °C...+60 °C
TQMx80UC-HSP-AA Heatspreader for TQMx80UC based on COM Express® Specification
TQMx80UC-MEM-AA SO-DIMM Memory: 8 GByte DDR4-2400 (2x 4 GByte); 0 °C...85 °C
TQMx80UC-MEM-AB SO-DIMM Memory: 16 GByte DDR4-2400 (2x 8 GByte); 0 °C...85 °C
TQMx80UC-MEM-AC SO-DIMM Memory: 32 GByte DDR4-2400 (2x 16 GByte); 0 °C...85 °C
TQMx80UC-MEM-AD SO-DIMM Memory: 64 GByte DDR4-2400 (2x 32 GByte); 0 °C...85 °C

Other variants on request

Part Number Descriptions
STKx80UC-Individual Starterkit set for TQMx80UC Modules with Mainboard MB-COME6-3 (please specify module version and SO-DIMM capacity), active cooling solution (heatspreader and heatsink) and accessories


TQ Embedded is known for:

  • Precision German engineering, now with a North American presence
    • Robust industrial products with support
    • First-in-class customer and technical support
  • Widest portfolio of embedded processing architectures: ARM, x86, PowerPC 
  • Comprehensive in-house process and facilities for true long-life availability
  • Modules with full signal availability (ALL signals available, not just selective groups)
  • In-house full control: design, manufacturing, specialized adaptations
  • Robust baseboard options, production ready for mounting their SOM products


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