Video Analytics Library

The video analytics library includes functions for different types of histogram generation to assist in on-screen vectorscopes or waveform monitors, or to assist in gain and white-balance controls.  An orthogonal video rotation IP component is also available separately.  Check with Macnica for more video-related components.

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Chroma Histogram for Vectoscopes

This Altera QSYS-compatible component generates histograms of the Y and Cr/Cb values in a video frame to assist with the generation of on-screen "vectorscope" and luminance plots which assist the user and/or automatic controls in setting gain and white-balance stages in the pixel processing path.

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Luminance Histogram Waveform Monitor

A waveform monitor is used to adjust gain and offset settings in a video processing pipeline to maximize the dynamic range of a given video stream.  The Waveform Monitor generates a luminance histogram for narrow columns of the video frame to provide a profile of the intensity across the screen.  It is a digital version of the familiar analog television waveform.


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RGB Component Histogram The RGB or color histogram generates histograms for the R, G and B color components of a video frame.  Used with the luminance or Y histogram that's part of the Chroma Histogram used for Vectorscope generation, this information provides a visual representation of the color balance and saturation.  It is used in auto-exposure and Auto White Balance algorithms to control the gain and gamma stages in a video processing pipeline.   User Guide

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