Ambarella’s technologies make cameras smarter—enabling features like person detection, object classification, analytics, and more—performing complex data analysis in real time, delivering breathtaking imagery, and preserving vital system resources such as power and network bandwidth.  Ambarella specializes in the development of deployable, scalable designs for intelligent cameras, offering a proven path to mass production.

Create unique products, fast with Ambarella’s multi-core DSP architecture.

Highly scalable, Ambarella is ideal for customers balancing software flexibility, hardware performance acceleration and low power needs. 

  • Leverage complete SoC solutions – embedded high-speed ARM CPUs, computer vision acceleration, and on-chip peripherals
  • Enable simultaneous recording and live streaming with multi-stream encoding
  • Reduce power needs on battery-powered devices, without sacrificing video / image quality









Ambarella CVflow® chip architecture is based on a deep understanding of core computer vision algorithms. Unlike general-purpose CPUs and GPUs, CVflow includes a dedicated vision processing engine programmed with a high-level algorithm description, allowing Ambarella architecture to scale performance to trillions of operations per second with extremely low power consumption.

With CVflow, customers can efficiently map their own CNN networks trained with industry-standard tools (e.g., Caffe, TensorFlow, PyTorch) to run on Ambarella processors.


Stereo processing transforms the world from a flat 2D plane into a full 3D environment. This not only provides a richer, denser representation of the target scene, but also allows the detection of generic obstacles that the system hasn’t been trained to recognize, making navigation safer and more effective for warehouse robots, autonomous vehicles, and more.

Low power

Ambarella technology is designed to be deployed in embedded platforms on the edge (e.g., battery-powered cameras), where power consumption is a critical concern. Ambarella processors consistently outperform competitive solutions in power efficiency—sometimes by 5x or more—while delivering equal or superior results.

Reduce bandwidth & storage costs

Ambarella compression technologies dramatically reduce data transmission size, slashing storage costs and bandwidth usage.

Image quality

One of the hallmarks of Ambarella processors is our image processing pipeline. Encompassing everything from HDR to EIS to dewarping, our state-of-the-art ISP ensures that every frame of every video is exquisite, improving safety and enhancing the viewing experience.


From drones to robots, from taxis to long-haul semi trucks, Ambarella’s vision processors were designed to revolutionize the way we work and travel. Our hardware platforms deliver the flexibility required to implement all levels of automation, including partial, conditional, high, and full autonomy.

Functional Safety

As an AI silicon company offering SoCs for applications such as ADAS and autonomous driving, Ambarella has implemented an array of internal processes and procedures to ensure that their functional safety-certified products comply with ISO 26262.

These strict processes and procedures touch every aspect of the work Ambarella does—from technical documentation to software engineering to VLSI—and have become an inextricable part of Ambarella culture, from top to bottom.

Ambarella SOCs


Ambarella’s CV5 provides 8K image processing, video encoding/decoding, and CVflow® computer vision processing in a single, low-power design. Fabricated in advanced 5 nm process technology, CV5 achieves power consumption below 4W for 8K video recording at 30 fps – suited for IP, robotics, and machine vision applications.


Ambarella’s CV52 provides 4K image processing, video encoding/decoding, and CVflow® computer vision processing in a single, low-power design while achieving power consumption below 3W for 4KP60 video recording with advanced AI processing at 30 fps.


Designed for accurate 3D environmental modeling and real-time neural network performance, the CV2 chip enables advanced robotics and industrial applications, including autonomous robots.


Ambarella’s CV22 SoC combines advanced image processing with our powerful CVflow® computer vision architecture to deliver the next generation of intelligent robotics and industrial applications.


The CV25 chip combines advanced image processing and real-time CVflow® computer vision performance for intelligent industrial/robotics applications.


Our CV28M SoC is designed for intelligent applications at the edge, including smart home security, retail monitoring, consumer robotics, and occupancy monitoring. The chip’s high-performance CVflow® architecture provides deep neural network (DNN) computer vision processing and 4KP30 video encoding, enabling an array of computer vision-based devices.


Key features

  • CNN / DNN-based processing: detection, classification, and more
  • CNN toolkit for easy porting of neural networks implemented in Caffe, TensorFlow, PyTorch, or ONNX frameworks
  • 8KP30 video performance
  • Enhanced secure boot with TrustZone® and secure memory, TRNG, OTP, Arm TBSA compliance, DRAM scrambling, and virtualization

Ambarella Design Partners

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