i-Chips Technology, headquartered in Amagasaki, Japan, designs and manufactures unique semiconductor products for display applications with De-interlacing, Scaling, Color Management, 4K Processing, Warping, Edge Blending, Image Rotation, Image Blending, 12-bit Internal Processing, and Chroma Keying functions. The key applications include Pro-AV, projector, broadcast equipment, medical imaging, industrial displays and military devices.


  • Scaling
    • C733 - Quad-channel Scaler
  • Scaling and Deinterlacing
    • C331 4K60Hz Quad Input 4K Multiple Input/Output De-Interlacer/Scaler
    • C734 Quad-channel Scaler/De-interlacer
    • C821 Dual-input (PiP) Scaler/De-interlacer with embedded CPU and video decoder
    • C755 Dual-input (PiP) Scaler/De-interlacer with embedded memory
    • C706 De-interlacer/Scaler with 12-bit internal processing
  • Warping and Edge-Blending
    • C381 4K60Hz Dual/4K120Hz with Warping/Edge-Blending
    • C787 Single-channel Warping & Edge Blending device for HD
    • C789 Dual-channel warping & edge blending device
    • C790 Single-channel Warping & Edge Blending device for 4K

Product Demo Video

C331 2x2 8K video wall with P-in-P and scaling


C331 P-in-P and video rotation

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