MoSys, Inc. is a fabless semiconductor company enabling leading equipment manufacturers in the networking and communications markets to support the continual increase in Internet users, data and services.

  • Bandwidth Engine® ICs: serial interface SRAM memory with high throughput, high density, and onboard ALU
    • GigaChip® serdes interface provides reliable, low-latency, 200Gbps+ chip-to-chip communication at higher performance per watt than parallel implementations.
    • 1T-SRAM® combines the high capacity and low power of embedded DRAM with the performance and ease of use of traditional 6T SRAM.
    • Onboard ALU enabels intelligent offload and faster read-modify-write operations.
  • LineSpeed® ICs: 100G PHY gearboxing, retiming, and CDR
    • 100G retimer with REC or RS-FEC
    • 100G low-power CDR
    • 100G Gearbox and Multi-Link-Gearbox for line cards and module

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