Prophesee is the inventor of the world’s most advanced neuromorphic vision systems. Prophesee’s patented technology breakthrough introduces a new computer vision paradigm based on how the human eye and brain work to dramatically improve the efficiency of Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence.

Inspired by human vision, Prophesee’s technology uses a patented sensor design and AI algorithms that mimic the eye and brain to reveal what was invisible until now using standard frame-based technology. 

Prophesee’s machine vision systems open new potential in areas such as autonomous vehicles, industrial automation, IoT, security and surveillance, and AR/VR. One early application was in medical devices that restore vision to the blind.

Prophesee’s technology is fundamentally different from the traditional image sensors – it introduces a paradigm shift in computer vision: event-based vision.

Frame-based vision and Event-based Vision

Event-based Vision

FRAME-BASED: A conventional camera takes an arbitrary number of frames per second, usually around 30 fps, in which all pixels record in synchrony regardless of what is going on in the scene. 

EVENT-BASED: In Prophesee Metavision® patented sensor (discover our Evaluation Kits), each pixel is independent and only records when it senses a change or movement. The information created does not arrive frame by frame. Rather, movement is captured as a continuous stream of information.

Prophesee sees between the frames, where all traditional frame-based systems are blind.

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METAVISION® SENSOR PACKAGEDProphesee Metavision sensor packaged1

PROPHESEE reveals its 3d generation Event-Based Metavision® sensor, for the first time in an industry-standard package.
Now ready for mass deployment in your Industry 4.0 machine vision systems.



Prophesee’s evaluation kit is an ultra-flexible VGA USB Metavision system featuring a C-Mount that allows for in-depth exploration of Event-Based Vision.



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