Technical Support

Level 1
Self-Help Resources

Learn more about SoC, Bluetooth and the latest in video processing and video transport technologies.


Multi-Rail Power Sequencer & Monitor  Reference Design for Intel MAX®10 FPGA

The Multi-Rail Power Sequencer and Monitor is a highly parameterizable set of IP blocks that can be customized to meet your power sequencing needs. 

Bluetooth SMART vWorkshops (Note: Odyssey Kit is obsolete)

A series of vWorkshops on Bluetooth SMART concepts and implementation using the Mpression Odyssey MAX 10 FPGA & BLE Sensor Kit available. The series also includes an introduction to FPGA design using the Odyssey kit.

2014 Altera SoC vWorkshops

The new 2014 Altera SoC workshops are centered around hardware and software development using the Cyclone V SoC FPGA on the Macnia Mpression Helio View development kit. Based on the popular vWorkshop series held in 2013, the new workshops have been redesigned to be more interactive and focus on key aspects of designing with Cyclone V SoC devices, including tool setup, processor and FPGA hardware usage, power management, operating systems, debug tools, and video/graphics processing.

Level 2
Baseline Technical Support from Macnica Field Technical Staff

If you are trying to determine the best components to select, contact your local Macnica representative. We’ll connect you with our seasoned engineering team to help you decide what you truly need in order to make the appropriate parts selection.

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Level 3
Extended Technical Support from Macnica Subject Matter Experts

If you need immediate support for highly interactive training or discussions we recommend our extended support packages. Get direct access to our specialty-focused engineers via email or phone with a guaranteed response within 24 hours for:

  • 1:1 demos on how to use specific tools
  • Technical Q&A sessions for FPGAs, power supply, components, boards or modules we offer
  • Design reviews and optimization
  • Urgent debugging assistance

Purchase support using your credit card via our online store.

Level 4
Design Support from Macnica Design Services

More extensive design needs will be supported by Macnica’s Design Services Team as part of comprehensive project engagement.