Borax SOM

System on Module with Altera Cyclone V SoC

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Borax SOM is a system on module card integrating Altera® Cyclone® V SoC and necessary memory, power and external interfaces on a very small size card.


Cyclone V SoC is a new SoC tightly coupling with Dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 and FPGA fabric, enabling easy development of complex systems with advanced application processing and flexible hardware using FPGA.


By utilizing pin compatible packages, users can pick optimal FPGA and memory capacities for development and mass production purposes and price/performance requirements.


Base board with various interfaces for development phase is provided, enabling parallel development of system hardware and software/FPGA design, resulting in shorter development turn around.


Core Card in standard configuration


Cyclone V SoC - 5CSEBA2C8N

  • FPGA fabric: 25-110LE
  • Processor: Cortex-A9 Core x2 (667-925MHz)

MT41K128M16JT-125 - 128M x 16 bit (512MB) DDR3L SDRAM x 2

MT29F8G08ABABAWP:B –SLC 8Gb x 8 bit (1GB) NAND Flash

Ethernet PHYKSZ9031RNXCA –10/100/1000M Ethernet PHY
Clock50MHz, 25MHz
Power Supply

4.5~5.5V supplied (AC adapter)


1339C-31SRI –RTC with XTL

USB3300-EZK –USB High Speed Host/OTG PHY

HPS I/O: GPIO x 8, GPI x 14, UART x 2-8

FPGA I/O: GPIO x 123 (incl. LVDS TX x 12 pairs, RX x 5 pairs)

208 pins 2mm pitch external headers (male) connect with base board

Dimensions95 mm x 55 mm

Base board

External Interfaces

RJ-45 x 3


UART x 1

CAN x 1

Connection with Core Card208 pins 2mm pitch external headers (female)
FPGA Config.On-board USB Blaster II

Push Switch

Dip Switch

SD Card Slot

Optional 800x480 resolution resistive touch LCD

Base board pic

pic 2

Base board, core card and LCD

pic 3

Core Card Configurations

There are various configurations of Cyclone V SoC FPGA fabric size, speed grade, temperature grade and memory sizes (DDR3, Flash) for optimal price/performance requirements.


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