30 April 2012

SiTime Ships 100 Million Units of its MEMS Timing Solutions

SUNNYVALE, Calif. – April 30, 2012 – SiTime Corporation, an analog semiconductor company that is revolutionizing the $6 billion timing market with silicon MEMS solutions, today announced that cumulative shipments of its MEMS oscillatorsclock generators and resonators have exceeded 100 million units. Over 800 electronics companies have adopted SiTime’s Silicon MEMS timing solutions in more than 100 unique applications.


“SiTime’s unique MEMS and analog technology is transforming the decades-old timing industry with revolutionary products that offer unsurpassed performance, flexibility and reliability,” said Rajesh Vashist, CEO of SiTime. “Our silicon-based technology has enabled dramatic advances in performance that have not been replicated by the quartz industry. Today, our products are 250 times better in stability and jitter than our first product in 2007, and we continue to innovate at this accelerated pace. In addition, SiTime’s MEMS timing products are up to 500 times more reliable than quartz oscillators. Almost every major electronics company has either shipped product with our MEMS solutions or is evaluating them and it is only a matter of time before volumes of MEMS oscillators will exceed that of legacy quartz oscillators.”


“SiTime is driving the timing industry’s transition to MEMS-based products,” said Mark Sherwood, Principal Associate at CS&A, who focuses upon semiconductor timing (www.timing-is-everything.net). “According to our research, SiTime broke into the Top 10 of oscillator providers in CY2011. In the past six months, they have introduced new Precision and Ultra-Precision class products which achieve 0.5 PPM TCXO performance over industrial temperature, as well as low femtoseconds of RMS integrated phase noise and jitter. These new products can and we believe, will accelerate the adoption of silicon MEMS timing solutions as the preferred timing component (vs. quartz crystals) in electronics.”