Magnesensor Technology

Magnesensor Technology (MST) - Foundation

       MST is a fabless semiconductor technology corporation offering the design and manufacture of integrated circuit Hall Effect sensors. Our company was established in 2003 in the State of New Hampshire, USA.
We supply the most advanced technology, the highest standard quality, and the most competitive price available. We also support our customer's technology requirements with a most advanced and active design and manufacturing team.

Magnesensor Technology - Spirit

            The name, Magnesensor Technology, represents our rich experience, pragmatic spirit and involvement in the semiconductor industry. We have individuals that have worked with Hall technology for more than 30 years thus making MST one of the most experienced staffed Hall Effect sensor companies in existence. Our company has manufacturing plants and distribution in four areas of the world with product distributors located globally. Our sensors are distributed to all market segments around the world through our powerful global distribution channels.

What makes Magnesensor Technology stand out as a sensor supplier - Technology

          MST utilizes the leading technology in Hall Effect integrated circuits (ICs). The success of our products is based on the extensive integration of our semiconductor knowledge and experience. We are one of an elite few companies worldwide that designs and manufactures its own high-temperature test systems used in the production of Hall Effect Sensors. Relying on our extensive knowledge and experience we have designed and built our own leading edge high speed test systems and developed our own proprietary test software. We also possess the knowledge and experience to design our own application specific integrated circuits (ASICs). In addition, we provide expert Sales & Field Applications Engineering support for our customers wherever in the Americas, Europe, Asia or elsewhere in the world.

Magnesensor Technology Products and Solutions - Innovation

          MST's finished Hall Effect Sensor products are based on the "Hall Effect Principal". Our products provide a non-contact on/off switch function (without mechanical deterioration) or a linear output based on magnetic field strength. Our Hall Effect Sensors can be applied as non-contact switches, position sensors, rotation sensors, linear position sensors, and current sensors.

Magnesensor Technology Mission - Target

         MST focuses its resources and development efforts in the field of computers, portable electronic equipment, white goods, the industrial controls market, and other electric products.

Our Missions:

  • Provide recognizable value to our customers
  • Provide the most reliable and advanced technology products
  • Provide products that increase sales and profits of our customers
  • Provide our customers with an endless supply of innovative products
  • Maintain a positive environment for our partners and customers
  • Maintain a "Green" manufacturing environment world wide

Featured Products

  • All In One Fan Driver
  • Latch Hall Sensor IC
  • Linear Hall Sensor IC
  • Switch Hall Sensor IC