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October 1972 Established as Japan Macnics Corporation (JMC), an electronic devices sales company, with headquarters in Tokyo, Japan
October 1977 Started engineering services including testing service for import ICs


May 1982 Begins selling microprocessor development systems
April 1983 Moved headquarters to first company-owned building in Kawasaki
July 1986 Started programming support for PLDs


March 1990 Moved headquarters from Kawasaki to Yokohama
March 1991 Established a sister company, Altima Corp., to help facilitate expansion of product line and distribution channels
March 1992 Changed name from Japan Macnics to Macnica, Inc.
March 1995 Opened Singapore Branch Office
December 1995 Established Macnica, Inc. in California (later became Macnica USA, Inc. and now merged with Macnica Americas, Inc.)
October 1996 Opened Hong Kong Branch Office
January 1998 Opened Macnica Shin-Yokohama Building (now Macnica No.2 Building).


February 2000 Listed shares on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
March 2000 Established Singapore and Hong Kong branches as overseas affiliated companies, specifically, Macnica Singapore Pte Ltd, and Macnica Hong Kong, Limited.
November 2000 Established Macnica Taiwan Limited in Taipei City, Taiwan
March 2001 Listed shares on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
March 2002 Relocated headquarters to Kouhoku-ku, Yokohama
June 2002 Established Macnica Shnghai, Limited in China
February 2003 Obtained ISO14001 certification (Certificate Number: JQA-EM3000)
March 2004 Established Macnica Networks Corp.
December 2004 Acquired 100% ownership of Tachibana Tectron Co.,Ltd. (now Elsena, Inc.)
August 2005 Obtained ISO9001 certification (Certificate Number: JQA-QMA12324)
December 2005 Changed name of Tachibana Tectron Co.,Ltd. to Elsena, Inc.
April 2006 Established Macnica Korea, Limited in Seoul, Korea
April 2007 Established Macnica (Thailand) Co., Ltd. in Bangkok, Thailand
November 2007 Changed name of Macnica Singapore Pte Ltd. to Macnica Asia Pacific Pte Ltd.
June 2008 Established Macnica, GmbH in Ingolstadt, Germany
November 2008 Acquired 100% ownership of Cytech Technology Limited in Hong Kong
June 2009 Established Cytech Global Pte. Ltd. In Singapore


March 2010 Acquired Galaxy Far East Corporation in Taiwan by TOB
2012 Acquired OSI Solutions in the United States to establish Macnica Americas, Inc.
August 2012 Combined logistic and programming service functions, which were at various locations, to a newly opened Logistics Center in Shinkoyasu, Yokohama
2013 Acquired DHW in Brazil to establish Macnica DHW
October 2013 Acquired Scantec GmbH in Germany (now merged with Macnica GmbH)
November 2013 Launched "Mpression" technology solutions brand
April 2015 Integrated the business with Fuji Electronics Co., Ltd. to form Macnica Fuji Electronics Holdings, Inc. (relisted to Tokyo Stock Exchange: 3132) – Macnica, Inc. and Fuji Electronics both exist as subsidiaries under the new holding company


August 2022 In order to unify our group brand, we have changed our company name to Macnica Holdings, Inc