Technical Support

Technical support is our core competency of our business ranging from field applications support, design review, programming services to quality management activities.

Semiconductors & Electronic Components Business


Applications Support

Among our 2800+ employees worldwide, 30% are engineers and the majority of them are either in the centralized locations or in the field near customer sites supporting customers in application of the semiconductor and electronic components. They are experts in the product lines they are assigned to, and help customers understand how the parts operate and how to design in and out of the parts to accelerate the product design at customers.

Design Review

Our engineers provide design review services for the designs done at our customers. The range of technologies to review spans from analog and power circuitry to FPGA designs. Our engineers review the design along with the customers with checklists built based on our decades of experience and deep knowledge about the products we support.

Seminars & Workshops

Macnica's experienced engineers offer training courses in the form of product seminars, on-line training and instructor-led hands-on workshops to boost your capabilities. The courses range from the entry level for beginners to the deep-dive for experts who want to solve specific problems they face. The trainings are tailored locally to fit the needs of customers in various environments. 

Programming Services

CPLDs and FPGAs require device programming especially for high volume manufacturing. Macnica provides customers with the programming services at request using state of the art programming facilities in Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore. Macnica addresses various programming needs from small to high volumes with automated programming and special marking facilities.

Quality Management Activities

As the authorized distributor for leading edge products, we provide quality management services to ensure the customers manufacturing products smoothly. Our services range from providing environmental data for products to failure analysis support using state of art analysis equipment and techniques.

Network & Security Business


Systems Engineering Support

Our systems engineers support our channel partners and enterprise customers implementing leading edge networking and security products in their services and environment. With deep knowledge about the technology and products our systems engineers propose optimal solutions to help customers enhance their network and security needs in ever advancing IT and security technologies in enterprise and telecommunication.

Technology Verification Support

Macnica Networks Company has a specialized technology verification center to test various scenarios of network, security and storage loads. Customers can test the targeted equipment in real environments to see how they perform at high throughput and load situations that they may encounter in real operation beyond the catalog specifications. The support by specialized engineers from Macnica Networks makes it easier and smoother for the customers to set up the environment and analyze the test results.

Security Labs

Macnica Networks Company Security Labs study the ever evolving security threats and send out the information about those threats to the cyber security community. The recognized achievements by Macnica includes the creation of a security threats verification environment that can be safely used by enterprise IT customers worldwide, featured at the world renowned Black Hat Conference hosted by the cyber security community in the United States. The results studied by the Labs are fed back to strategic activities at Macnica Networks to benefit the customers through the technical support by our systems engineers.