World Class Supply Chain

services-supply-chain_0.jpgWe take pride in the quality of service in global supply chain with exceptionally high standard with more than 200 worldwide suppliers.

Franchised Distribution as the primary source of semiconductors and electronic components for electronics design and manufacturing customers, and network products and security solutions for enterprise ICT customers.

Macnica franchises with more than 200 worldwide suppliers as the primary authorized distributor to serve customers large and small in Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific countries. Learn More

  • Semiconductors and Electronic Components
  • Network Products and Security Solutions


Global Supply Channel to serve local and global customers who design, manufacture and assemble electronics products worldwide.

Macnica companies operate worldwide to support various customer needs in sourcing electronics supply. Our warehouses located in Japan, United States, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Singapore and Germany support various needs of customers operating globally with quality of service and efficiency to work with.

Macnica warehouses handle more than 4 billion units of goods for 1 million purchase orders per year with best-in-class quality. With the tight control of room temperature and humidity to meet the highest industry standards, our efficient warehouse management system tracks the ins and outs of the goods smoothly to support various customer requirements ranging from vendor managed inventory to automotive supply standards.