Boards & Modules


Bitware is a leader in designing and manufacturing FPGA Platforms for HPC, Network Packet Processing and Signal Processing

Critical Link

Critical Link is an embedded systems engineering firm offering a broad range of production-ready, industrial performance system-on-modules (SOMs) and embedded imaging platforms based on Intel/Altera Cyclone V SoC and Arria 10 SoC.


FDK provides DC-DC power modules for Intermediate Bus Architecture (IBA) and Distributed Power Architecture applications that require high efficiency and high reliability in elevated temperature environments with low airflow.


Industrial motherboards, embedded systems, panel PCs, digital signage players and network appliances in the Industrial PC and fast-growing IIoT market.

Intrinsyc Technologies

Intrinsyc Technologies is the foremost expert in using Snapdragon™ mobile processors from Qualcomm® to create next-generation, intelligent, wirelessly connected products, beyond smartphones.

Inventek Systems

A market leader in full-service Wireless & IoT Connectivity focused on 802.11 b/g/n, BT, BLE, NFC, GPS, Combo & Antenna embedded modular system solutions.

Leopard Imaging

Leopard Imaging Inc. provides high definition embedded camera modules, cameras, and related products that enable customers to develop products for the consumer, industrial, automotive, scientific, and medical industries.


Various development kits and SOMs based on Intel FPGA, developed by Macnica

Reflex CES

REFLEX CES designs and manufactures high-speed boards and rugged systems solutions based on high-density FPGAs and processors.


Transcend Information offers full line of memory modules, flash memory cards, USB flash drives, card readers, external hard drives, solid state drives and industrial-grade products.