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Augment Your Engineering Team’s Skills and Capacity

We understand the challenges of designing and manufacturing a product that works, on time and on budget. How can you accelerate your project’s success?

Project and Business Managers 

   How do you meet or exceed performance targets? 
   How can you ensure you have the right skills on your team, with enough capacity? 
   Do you build it all or buy? What will give you THE edge? 
   How can you reduce design time and associated costs? Increase speed to market?

Design Engineers 

   How do you surround yourself with the right knowledge, skills, tools and methods to design unique and innovative products?

Leverage Macnica’s Resources and IP Portfolio

Highly Skilled and Supportive Engineering Team

Macnica Design Services has worked through an extensive range of client challenges designing complex electronic products. Macnica’s Technical Support team is also ready to assist before, during, and after your design is completed and in production.

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Macnica’s Proprietary IP

Macnica has developed its own IP portfolio, mPression, in order to reduce design time, increase productivity and quality of the design. Clients can feel secure in more reliable positive outcomes because our IP is tried and tested.

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Macnica Group’s Size, Global Scale and Relationships

As part of the Macnica Group, a $4B company, you can plan for design activities that span multiple product generations and rest assured of your services partner continuity far into the future. Our size and scale also give Macnica Americas access to exclusive supplier information and support often needed to resolve difficult design issues.

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Our Projects

Intel (Altera) FPGA Design  

  • Image sensor to GigE network
  • Text and graphics video overlay generator 
  • SMPTE 2022 based video over IP network
  • 60Gbit custom Ethernet switch
  • Traffic Generators used for stress testing and system verification
  • 10GbE UDP streaming interface
Emulation and Simulation
  • Emulation board with multiple Intel Arria 10 FPGAs
  • Complex design simulations (for initial verification and debug) 
  • Simulation of PCI Express designs on Intel FPGAs

Embedded Software / Hardware Integration

  • RF protocols: WiFi, BT, BLE, ZigBee, dual-mode radios
  • Linux WiFi integration
  • Intel SoC FPGA high-performance Ethernet I/O Card
System Components
  • U-Boot system configuration and Broadcom SDK support: Linux statistics and system health indicators, Basic Web Server, SNMP
  • Intel Cyclone V FPGA, and a Cypress FX3 USB 3.0 Controller with software driver

Reviews and Conversions

  • System design reviews: FPGA pinout, schematic, board layout
  • Signal integrity analysis
  • Xilinx to Intel (Altera) Conversion
  • Custom memory interfaces/ conversions: DDR2, DDR3, DDR4, SDmem, EEPROM, other external DRAM

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