5. Altera SoC Power Considerations

Name Power / Board: Linear Tech power monitoring on the Helio board and other board considerations.

In this vWorkshop you will learn about power requirements for SoC devices and the solutions available from Linear Technology to meet those needs. Other board-level considerations for the SoC will also be addressed. This vWorkshop is taught with the hardware designer in mind.

  • Basic understanding of board design and power supplies
What you'll be able to do after
  • Understand the Helio board power supply design and apply the techniques to your own board.
  • Understand other important considerations for SoC board designs
  • Estimate the power supply and decoupling requirements for an SoC board
  • Demonstrations
  • Helio power system manager – LTpowerPlay by Linear Technology
  • SoC Power
  • Helio power supply topology
  • Unique requirements & board layout considerations
  • Q&A