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Macnica offers various types of IP for FPGAs and embedded applications with in-depth technical support and design services.


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Live Video Transport IP


Sensor Interface IP Descriptions
SLVS-EC RX Image sensor interface (Rx side) to Sony CMOS image sensors
Display Interface IP Descriptions
HDMI 2.0 High-speed interface compliant with HDMI 2.0 standard
V-by-One HS High-speed serial interface compliant with V-by-One HS standard by THine Electronics
Video/Graphics IP Descriptions

Rotating Video Frame Buffer (RVFB)

Rotates video in 90-degree increments
Video Analytics Library Functions for different types of histogram displays plus a video rotate function. 
OSD Color Palette Converts 8bpp Avalon Streaming video from a Frame Reader or other component into a 24- or 32-bpp video stream via a programmable color palette.
Stereo Camera Range Imager High-speed 3D distance measurement technology for ADAS and robotics applications
High-Speed Serial IO IP Descriptions
ION 64b/66b High-Speed Serial IF High-speed serial interface (13.5 Gbps max.) using a lightweight protocol
ION 8b/10b High-Speed Serial IF High-speed serial interface (8 Gbps max.) using a lightweight protocol
High-Speed Networking IP Descriptions
10G MAC Lite Simple to use, light version of a 10Gb Ethernet MAC, perfect for chip-chip or backplane communications
MDIO Clause 22, and Clause 45 compliant MDIO slave which can be wrapped for implementation in Intel Qsys based designs 
Industrial Vision Protocol Descriptions
IEEE1588™ Protocol Stack Package Time synchronization based on IEEE1588 standard
GigE Vision® Device Package High-speed image data transfer solution based on GigE Vision standard
USB3 Vision™ Device Package High-speed image data transfer solution based on USB3 Vision standard

Software Solutions

Function Descriptions
GenICam Software Package GenICam software package enables quick development of applications conforming to the EMVA GenICam camera control standard
RTOS for IoT (Scorpius™) Multi-task real-time OS for small embedded devices

Verification Tools

Function Descriptions
DrivExpress™ PCI Express driver integration tool Full-featured tool for the simulation of PCI Express designs on Intel FPGAs

Live Video Transport IP by Macnica Technology *

* Macnica Technology is a Macnica division to develop live video transport over Internet Protocol technology and products for broadcast, proAV, and medical imaging market.

Function Descriptions
SMPTE ST2022-1/2/5/6/7 Series of IP to support video over IP (Internet protocol) network based on SMPTE ST2022 standards
SMPTE ST2110 IP to support the family of standards for multi-stream video and audio media delivery systems including time synchronization
SMPTE ST2059-1/2 time synchronization IP compliant with ST2059-1/2 standards that allow accurate time synchronization of media streams