Dec 01, 2022

AI improves security system in shopping malls

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Shopping malls are considered safe places, because they are places with many video surveillance cameras and security systems.


However, we know that robberies still occur with a certain frequency in these environments.


Therefore, it is clear that it is important to invest in technology and innovation in security systems in order to make the video surveillance intelligent, and thereby automatically identify abnormal situations that enable much faster action of the team.


Icetana's AI solution offers just that, software that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to monitor images from video surveillance cameras and send alerts in real time.


In addition, Icetana's AI solution helps reduce visual fatigue for security personnel who need to monitor dozens or even hundreds of cameras.


To do this, Icetana's software hides the images from cameras that are moving normally and puts on the main screen only the images from cameras that present abnormal situations.


These are some of the advantages of Icetana's AI solution, which is already in use in many shopping centers around the world.


One success case is the shopping center chain that is a retail and leisure pioneer in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

Success Case of Icetana's AI Solution for Shopping Centers

The shopping center chain has approximately 10,000 cameras distributed over 30 locations in 5 different countries.


Therefore, the company's main challenge was to manage the large networks of independent cameras and mitigate security risks at multiple locations at the same time.


To achieve these objectives and ensure the operation of safe and secure retail and leisure environments, the company chose to upgrade its current security system with Icetana's AI solution.


With the addition of the Artificial Intelligence software, the customer now has a flexible and scalable solution, not to mention that the system works with the widest range of camera manufacturers and can easily integrate the best technologies from the security ecosystem to solve new demands or industry challenges.


For this company we provided the software integration of Icetana and the hardware system needed to run the AI solution, i.e. the appropriate servers (processing and storage) for the number of cameras at each site.


The dynamic real-time monitoring system helped offset the challenges of actively monitoring the large camera networks in shopping centers.


In addition, the AI solution allows security staff to assess and respond to abnormal situations in real time.

Advantages and benefits of implementing the AI solution

The integration of Icetana's AI solution with the existing video surveillance system allows the client to operate the entire security system from a single management interface.


Thus, by allowing centralized access, the mall's operations team can view the security cameras from their offices and optimize operations.


In addition, the information collected by the security system can also be leveraged by other parts of the company, allowing for more efficient overall administration.


A very important feature of the system is that it learns what are normal and abnormal actions both in the training phase of the artificial intelligence network and in its daily use, making the system increasingly improved for each site of operation.


This makes the security system's performance constantly learning, including the fact that it runs 100% of the time and zeroes out any eventual image loss.


Besides all these benefits, it is worth mentioning that the operational costs related to hardware, servers and cameras are reduced from 23% to 7% with the implementation of Icetana's AI solution.


These are many advantages that you can have in your system right now!


Contact us to learn how we can help you transform your security system for shopping malls.

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