Sep 07, 2022

AI solution in the quality control for the textile industry

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One of the main reasons for adopting innovative technologies in the industrial environment is to increase production and reduce costs.


And this is directly related to the quality control of the processes, especially when we talk about the textile industry.


A market that is growing and generating a lot of demand, so attention to detail is essential, since flaws and stains generate rework and great waste for factories.


Therefore, it is clear that adopting quality control measures is essential, because it is only possible to control what you measure.


We see that IoT solutions are increasingly present in the industrial environment, collecting thousands of data, processing and generating insights for improvements.


All this movement is what we call Industry 4.0 – measuring, collecting and processing data – and for this to happen, technology, IoT solution providers and AI solution developers are needed working in line with the customer's purpose.


And the best thing is that you can find it all at Macnica ATD Europe: the best IoT and AI technologies and solutions for quality control in the textile industry.

Solutions for quality control in the textile industry

One of the great pains of the textile industry is fabric failures, this generates rework and a lot of waste. Considering the large production in the factories, it is practically impossible to analyze all the pieces of fabric produced, so the traditional quality control is done by sampling, where some pieces are chosen and analyzed.


However, the sampling concept is not efficient; and now it can be eliminated using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to perform tissue analysis while still in the production belt. In other words, with the installation of a camera and a computer running an AI network, we increase the quality of the manufactured products.


This is because Artificial Intelligence will analyze every centimeter of tissue produced and issue real-time alerts whenever a failure is identified. This information is very valuable so that problems are corrected early on.


Imagine making sure that every piece of fabric leaves production flawlessly?


It's every production manager's wish, isn't it? With Macnica ATD Europe's AI solution, this is possible.

AI BrainTech Solution

Artificial Intelligence networks are super-efficient and solve many problems in the production of textiles in the textile industry. But when traditional AI networks fail, InnerEye's AI Braintech solution kicks in.


InnerEye's solution enhances the AI ​​network with the nuances of the human brain.


In other words, the AI ​​Braintech solution aggregates the human decision directly from the brain into the AI ​​network quickly and efficiently.


To carry out this improvement in the AI ​​network, experts from each market use a sensor headset that reads the neural signals (EEG) and sends them to the software, which labels the images shown on the screen, according to the expert's decision.


This accelerates the AI ​​network training process by up to 10x and makes the network much more efficient, because in addition to collecting the expert's decision, the AI ​​Braintech solution collects the level of certainty that the expert had in that decision.


InnerEye's AI solution monitors production in real time and eliminates the concept of sampling production for quality control in the textile industry.

Predictive maintenance for an industry

In addition to monitoring production, another very important point in fabric production is ensuring that the production machinery is working correctly. This avoids fabric failures caused by uncalibrated machines, misplaced needles, and other mechanical problems.


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