Jan 16, 2024

Artificial intelligence increases airport security

Airport security is a major concern due to the critical nature of the aviation sector and the potential threats associated with it. Increasing the number of security agents is usually the first response to this problem, but there is another solution that can help even more with airport security: technology. More specifically, artificial intelligence (AI).

Technology to improve airport security

When it comes to airport security, there are several ways in which technology can be used to achieve improvements, such as the use of video surveillance, access control, X-ray scanning, among others. These tools are already used in various applications, such as:

  • access control: restricting access to sensitive areas of the airport to authorized personnel only;
  • baggage inspection: use of X-ray scanning to check the contents of baggages;
  • passenger screening: metal detectors and manual inspection to identify prohibited objects;
  • video surveillance: installation of thousands of security cameras to detect suspicious activity;
  • security patrols: increasing security teams to patrol critical areas and respond quickly to emergencies.

In addition to these actions, another way of applying technology to airport security is by using artificial intelligence to optimize existing systems. With AI solutions such as Icetana's, it is possible to integrate and analyse thousands of data points from different sources to generate insights about the location and optimize video surveillance security systems.

Icetana's artificial intelligence to optimize airport security

Finding ways to maintain airport security is essential. This is why Macnica ATD Europe has brought Icetana’ solution to Europe.


Icetana's AI solution guarantees the optimization of the installed video surveillance security system, adding the advantages provided by artificial intelligence. In addition, Icetana helps empower the team behind the cameras to further protect the people in front of them.

How does it work?

Icetana's video analysis uses the images from the installed surveillance software and automatically identifies unusual or unexpected events. The technology then issues alerts in real time, using artificial intelligence based on machine learning rather than fixed rules.


Thus, through machine learning, Icetana's AI solution constantly learns and adapts to its environment to predict when something unexpected will happen. As a result, security operators can work proactively to avoid risky situations.


In addition, Icetana's software can be hosted locally or in the cloud, making it possible to manage multiple surveillance operations from a central location. With this, hundreds of cameras can be aggregated, even in different locations.

icetana video surveillance system

Icetana's AI solution used in a security system with more than 200 cameras installed.


To top it off, as you can see in the image above, in addition to learning the site's routine and issuing real-time alerts about abnormal and unusual situations, Icetana's artificial intelligence solution hides the images from cameras showing normal situations and highlights only the cameras that need attention. This reduces security officers' eyestrain and allows for quick action when an abnormal situation is identified.


As you can see, Icetana's AI solution is essential for optimizing airport security. With this technology, video surveillance security systems become even more efficient and intelligent.


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