May 28, 2024

How is AI reinventing video surveillance security?

How will Artificial Intelligence reinvent security in video surveillance environments?


Icetana's Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution, brought to Europe by Macnica ATD Europe, represents a significant innovation in the field of security systems. In addition to detecting and signaling abnormal situations in real time, it ensures that operators are directed to what is truly relevant amid a large volume of images.

Continuous learning mechanism

Continuous learning means that the system not only recognizes patterns and abnormal events, but also improves over time. As the solution is exposed to more situations and information, it becomes more accurate and effective at identifying relevant events and reducing false alarms, even if the situation has not been mapped out by the security team. In essence, the technology is constantly evolving, adapting dynamically to the needs and demands of the security environment.

security guard in front of the security videos

Icetana's Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution can detect a variety of abnormal situations, providing an advanced level of security. The solution can detect the following situations, and more:

  • Identifies vehicles circulating at potentially suspicious times or repeatedly passing the same place at short intervals.
  • Signals when people fall or lie on the ground for any reason
  • Detects flames of fire
  • Warns of people, bicycles and vehicles moving in an unexpected direction or speed
  • Detects when a person stays in the same place for a long period of time.
  • The same goes for luggage that is left in the same room for too long.


Furthermore, when it comes to counting people or vehicles, Icetana's AI solution for security systems is highly effective, as it delivers valuable information about this movement in a specific location.   


In practical terms, Icetana's AI solution learns what is normal for the environment from the camera images and starts to identify and warn of abnormal situations.


This makes monitoring dozens, hundreds and even thousands of video cameras in your security system much more efficient, agile, and assertive.


And all this without the need to configure or calibrate the software for each camera or define thousands of rules to train the artificial intelligence.


Many environments can and should benefit from this video surveillance security system: Ports, Airports, Shopping Malls, Banks, Parks, Galleries, Schools, in short, any environment with a high circulation of people.


Access control: Icetana can help monitor access control points, identifying anomalous behavior or attempts at unauthorized entry into restricted areas.


Detection of abandoned luggage: By identifying the presence of abandoned luggage or objects in public or transit areas, the solution can help prevent potential threats.


Crowd management: By analyzing the flow of people, Icetana can provide valuable insights for crowd management, helping to optimize security and passenger flow.


Detecting suspicious activity on quays: Icetana can identify unusual activity on port quays, such as unauthorized access to restricted areas or suspicious movement of people or vehicles.


Perimeter monitoring: The solution can help monitor the port's perimeter, detecting intrusion attempts or suspicious activity around the area.


Cargo security: By detecting unauthorized movements or suspicious behavior around cargo storage areas, Icetana can help ensure the safety of goods.

Shopping centers

Theft prevention: The solution can help identify suspicious behavior, such as excessive patrols or anomalous movements, helping to prevent theft and robbery.


Parking lot security: Icetana can monitor the mall's parking lot, detecting suspicious activity such as attempted vehicle break-ins or aggressive behavior.


Safety Alert and Anomaly Detection: Icetana can play a crucial role in safety by alerting you to situations such as children misusing escalators, preventing potential accidents. In addition, the solution can detect structural anomalies, such as cracks or noises in the mall's ceiling, contributing to the early identification of possible dangers and preventing incidents.

4 security cameras

Installing Icetana's AI solution

Icetana connects perfectly to the existing system and is compatible with the video monitoring platforms widely used by CCTVs. In other words, you'll be adding more intelligence to the system you're already running.

Icetana deployment architecture

Once installed, it initiates a simple three-step process that immediately makes the people and property on your company's network safer and more secure.

STEP 1: Icetana's algorithm learns what is normal for the environment

Based on the images collected from the location, the ML algorithm identifies which events are normal and starts to flag events that are out of the ordinary, without invasive technology or privacy violations, in compliance with the GDPR.

STEP 2: Icetana only displays unusual or interesting events

Images from security cameras with normal/typical situations are automatically hidden, revealing video feeds only when an unusual event occurs on the camera. This reduces screen fatigue for security staff. All detected anomaly events are automatically flagged and saved for review.

STEP 3: Icetane improves over time

Over time, and as the algorithm processes more images, Icetana's AI solution gets smarter. You'll see less on your open monitors, but what is shown are the most important events and potential risks.


This way, your security team has the relevant data it needs to make better decisions in real time.


This environment where camera images are shown with abnormal situations is called a LiveWall, because what is being shown is real-time, relevant and needs the attention of the security team.


Icetana's Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution really is a game changer when it comes to security for environments with high levels of foot traffic, so if you work in one or are responsible for one, please contact us so that we can give you more information.


If you would like to implement Icetana’s solution, contact us here.