Jun 22, 2023

IoT Solutions for Home Security

IoT Solutions for Home Security

In recent years, the number of IoT solutions applied for home security has grown by more than 22%. According to Fortune Business Insights research, by 2028 the home automation market is expected to reach $163.24 billion.


What are the reasons for this growth? Why are IoT solutions important for ensuring home security? See below for the answers to these questions.

Why have IoT solutions for home security grown?

A few factors have driven the growth of IoT solutions for home security. Among them, we can mention:

  • increased use of smart devices in the home;
  • the growing concern for home security;
  • advances in sensor and security camera technology for homes;
  • increased awareness of the importance of home security for the protection of a home's assets and residents.


All these factors combined have created an enabling environment for the growth of IoT-based home security solutions. For you to keep up with this growth, Macnica ATD Europe has the best IoT solutions.

Learn about Espressif's IoT solution for home security

Espressif, a company that produces microcontrollers and wireless connectivity modules, including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, has developed a solution for home security. With it, you can use a microcontroller to connect motion sensors, door/window sensors, security cameras, and other devices to a local Wi-Fi network.


This microcontroller can also run motion detection algorithms and send notifications to a mobile application in case of suspicious activity. All this through the use of IoT solutions.


Do you wish to have access to the best IoT solutions for home security? Contact us at marketing.mae@macnica.com.

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