Apr 05, 2024

Project to identify diseased plants relies on partnership between Macnica and Embrapa

One of the main challenges faced by agriculture companies is the identification of diseased plants that can result in significant losses in productivity and grain quality, which directly impacts farmers' profitability and the country's economy as a whole.


With this in mind, Macnica and Embrapa are working together on a project to detect soybean plant diseases at an early stage.


InnerEye's Braintech technology, brought to Europe by Macnica ATD Europe, is currently being tested by farmers themselves, who are able to identify diseased plants using images of the leaves of soybeans and now corn.

How is the test being carried out?

After selecting the image, it is possible to add comments relating to the consultation process, such as the type of cultivar and the type of suspected disease.


With the application installed on the smartphone, the images are submitted to the trained artificial intelligence. In returns, it is able to tell you whether the plant is diseased and what is the level of accuracy of this analysis.


According to Macnica DHW's IoT & AI Manager, Fabrício Petrassem, the app offers professionals in the agricultural sector a much more reliable assessment of plant health from the first consultation, allowing soybean and corn growers to obtain much more effective results in the curative approach to diseases, as they can start treatment at an early stage of the disease.

How does InnerEye's Braintech Technology work?