Jun 27, 2024

The Solution to Challenges in the Manual and Repetitive Assembly of Electronics: Assembly Copilot

In the dynamic scenario of the manual and repetitive electronics assembly industry, facing challenges that directly impact the efficiency and quality of processes is a reality. Companies in this segment are often faced with long cycle times, inconsistent quality and difficulties in identifying problems.


Faced with these obstacles, Retrocausal has developed Assembly Copilot, a comprehensive solution that redefines the approach to manual and repetitive electronics assembly. With a focus on process optimization, Assembly Copilot offers a solid and effective response to the challenges faced by the industry, boosting efficiency, quality and operational agility.


Assembly Copilot is an innovative platform that combines advanced real-time guidance technologies, data analysis and expert support to optimize assembly processes. The solution uses a camera, computer, monitor or projector and internet connection to monitor operators' work, providing precise and instant guidance to avoid errors and maximize efficiency.

assembly line

To install Assembly Copilot, you need basic equipment such as a camera, a computer, a monitor or projector and an internet connection. The Retrocausal team works closely with each customer to design and implement a customized solution that meets the specific needs of their production line.


The results speak for themselves: companies that have adopted Assembly Copilot have witnessed a significant reduction in production cycle time, from 22 to 17 seconds in an electronic device assembly station. This 20% decrease in cycle time not only increases operational efficiency, but also reduces the costs associated with production.


In addition, Assembly Copilot guarantees a considerable improvement in product quality. With a reduction of up to 60% in problems related to the manual and repetitive assembly of electronics, companies can achieve smoother and more reliable production, minimizing rework and returns.

Advantages of the Assembly Copilot solution

Increased Operational Efficiency

Assembly Copilot offers real-time guidance and data analysis to increase operator efficiency, reducing training time and ensuring compliance with quality standards.

Quality Assurance

With Assembly Copilot, companies can guarantee consistent product quality, reducing problems related to manual and repetitive assembly and improving customer satisfaction.

Advanced Data Analysis

Retrocausal's solution offers advanced data analysis, allowing companies to quickly identify problems and make continuous improvements to assembly processes.

Expert Support

In addition to advanced technology, Retrocausal offers expert support to help companies implement and optimize Assembly Copilot in their operations.


With Assembly Copilot, companies can overcome the challenges of manual and repetitive electronics assembly and achieve more efficient, consistent and high-quality production.


If your company faces similar challenges in manual and repetitive electronics assembly, contact our experts today to find out how Retrocausal's Assembly Copilot can boost your production line.