Mar. 17, 2023

【Technical】Cabin Experience & Infotainment

Automotive infotainment systems now provide an immersive cabin experience based on more than a decade of continual advancement driven by consumer desires and expectations. In-cabin features such as passenger entertainment, display of vehicle and environmental information, navigation systems, and wireless connectivity have driven the proliferation of electronics in vehicles.

Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) offers a wide range of innovative cabin experience and infotainment solutions that significantly enhance the performance of these popular automotive systems. Our technology portfolio includes power management ICs, high performance and highly integrated DSPs, GMSL, audio and video converters, sensing and connectivity products, and application-specific software that enables infotainment, display, and safety related systems.

Key applications include:

  • Car displays
  • Car to cloud communications
  • Car audio and acoustics sensing, playback, processing, and distribution
  • Car to passenger experience management

Automotive Power Solutions for Cabin Experience & Infotainment

Designing electronic systems for automotive applications presents many challenges: space is highly restricted, the operating temperature range must be wide, noise must be minimized, battery transients must be tolerated, and quality levels must be high. Since integration levels are increasing, this in turn creates a need for power-efficient ICs.

ADI’s automotive power management offerings include micropower monolithic buck solutions that provide small form factors, high efficiency, and low noise/EMI to deliver safe operation in high voltage systems. These ICs help automotive power systems survive harsh load dump and cold-crank conditions.

Our Product Strategy

High Performance

High Efficiency, Low IQ,

ASIL Solutions for ADAS

Trusted Partner and Joint Definition

Scalable High Power Density

Small Solution Size and BOM Optimization

Lower System BOM Cost

Automotive SerDes Solution, GMSL, for Cabin Experience and Infotainment Applications

ADI’s Gigabit Multimedia Serial Link (GMSL) serializer and deserializers (SerDes) provide simultaneous delivery of high resolution video, audio, and control over a single STP or coax cable. GMSL infotainment display ICs offer full flexibility across all video interfaces for automotive interconnect, enhanced functional safety and encryption features, and EMC/EMI performance, while providing automatic compensation for cable aging and temperature changes over the automobile’s lifetime.

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