May 16, 2024

ESP RainMaker: a complete solution for industrial and home automation

Make industrial and home automation quick and easy with Espressif's complete solution - ESP RainMaker.


With ESP RainMaker you can quickly create mobile apps to remotely control IoT devices, whether for home or industrial automation.


You can even use voice commands to carry out this control, so your IoT device can respond to your voice command or even communicate with other assistants such as Alexa and Google.


By using RainMaker, your time-to-market is greatly reduced and so is your level of effort, because you can do all the above with little software development (firmware, backend, and application).

ESP rainmaker

Why use industrial automation?

One of the main advantages of using industrial automation is the optimization and visibility of processes, i.e. having connectivity in your equipment allows you to visualize the actual state of the equipment on dashboards, as well as being able to act on it whenever necessary.

Do you know how this is possible?

Espressif modules, such as ESP32, allow the data collected by sensors installed in your equipment to be processed and sent to the cloud via Wi-Fi connectivity.


Not to mention that with the ESP RainMaker solution, in addition to collecting data from the ESP32, you can control your devices, whether they are ready-made or customized products.

Ready-made solutions

Espressif makes it easy to get started with your project with ready-to-use blocks that include product firmware, a private cloud and dashboard, as well as a voice assistant and apps. This allows you to build your own IoT solutions efficiently, affordably, and quickly. These ready-made solutions include:

  • light bulb
  • light strip
  • socket / plug
  • light panel
  • dimmer

Customized solutions

What's more, using ESP RainMaker, you can develop your own IoT solutions, completely independently. Espressif's AIoT Cloud software provides the most solid foundation for innovative, customized, low-cost, and risk-free solutions. In this way, you can control and monitor products such as:

  • coffee machine
  • thermostat
  • treadmill
  • garage door controller
  • remote control center


See an example of this integration applied to home automation:

To find out more about the potential of this solution, contact us and talk to our experts in developing electronic projects using Espressif.