May 07, 2024

Improve your security system during major events

During events such as Carnival, concerts, and festivals, it is common for there to be a significant increase in the movement of people at airports, bus stations, as well as stadiums, shopping malls and event centers.


In view of this, it is essential to pay extra attention to prevent incidents and mishaps, which is why the security system needs to be reinforced, both in terms of personnel and in terms of technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI). In addition to theft, it is important to consider the possibility of occurrences such as riots and embezzlement, which can also be potentially challenging due to the large number of people. Therefore, implementing proactive and effective measures is essential to ensure peace of mind and safety during these gatherings.


And with just such events in mind, Icetana has launched a new feature for its AI video surveillance solution - the "Event Days" function.

This feature was created to transform the way companies and organizations manage people, vehicles, and bicycle traffic during specific events.


Icetana's Artificial Intelligence solution was brought to Europe by Macnica ATD Europe, and this solution can be easily installed in your current security system, without the need to change the IP cameras installed, reducing the cost of updating the infrastructure.

And how does Icetana's "Event Days" work?

Firstly, the Event Days feature was created so that your intelligent video surveillance system can adapt to the routine when large events take place, and the number of people becomes much higher than usual. In this way, the system understands that the flow of people and vehicles in the area will be different due to the attractions and acts to ensure the safety of the environment.


In other words, using advanced algorithms and machine learning resources, the video monitoring system will be able to identify possible problems at an early stage, allowing for timely intervention.

Who can benefit from Event Days?

Any organization or sector that experiences special event days can benefit immensely from this technology. Because the solution is tailored to meet the unique challenges faced by different sectors during these events, ensuring greater safety, efficient crowd management and smoother traffic circulation. Here are some examples of its use.

Airports, bus stations and other transportation systems

Airports, bus terminals and train stations also get crowded during holidays and events, so these environments can make great use of the new functionality of Icetana's AI solution for better crowd control and ensuring a smooth flow of passengers.

Shopping centers

During sales events or festive seasons, commercial spaces and shopping centers experience a significant increase in foot traffic.

Event Days helps manage these peaks efficiently, ensuring customer safety and a pleasant shopping experience.

Soccer stadiums and event centers

Stadiums and event centers that host concerts, fairs and large-scale events can use Event Days to monitor crowd density and movement, increasing the safety and operational efficiency of the security system.


Public safety

Citywide events, parades and public gatherings can be effectively monitored by the local security system, helping with crowd control, and maintaining public order.

Educational and research institutions

Schools and universities during graduations, sporting events or festivals can use the Event Days feature to supervise large gatherings, ensuring order and the safety of students and visitors.

Corporate events

Companies and event centers organizing conferences, exhibitions or large corporate events can benefit from personalized surveillance, participant management and ensuring the security of the premises with Icetana's AI solution.

Hospitals and health centers

During major health-related actions such as vaccination campaigns or large-scale medical camps, hospitals and clinics can use the Event Days functionality for efficient management of patient flow and emergency responses.


These are some of the sectors that can benefit from this new feature of Icetana's AI solution - Event Days.


If you have a video monitoring system, this solution is for you, because Icetana will be a tireless pair of eyes literally monitoring and signaling whenever an unusual situation occurs.

Icetana's AI solution for video surveillance systems

We already know that it is humanly impossible to monitor dozens or hundreds of security cameras in a video surveillance system in real time, as fatigue, tiredness and distractions can occur and compromise the security of the site.


Therefore, it's not enough to increase the number of surveillance cameras in the system, it's necessary to make the system smarter, capable of continuously learning and signaling abnormal situations that are occurring in real time. This is exactly what Icetana's AI solution does, combining artificial intelligence with your security system's video surveillance system.


The best thing is that you can have all this without the need to define thousands of rules to train the artificial intelligence, like analytical systems.


These are some of the differences between Icetana's AI solution and other intelligent video monitoring solutions on the market.



Quick and effective actions

Delay in identification and decision-making

The system learns what are normal situations, and alerts the operator in real-time in case of abnormal situations.

It is necessary for the operator to watch the videos to identify abnormal situations, for which the artificial intelligence was not trained for.

Trained and updated system

Stagnant system

The system is constantly trained and always being updated with changes in the environment.

The system is only capable of detecting conditions for which it was trained, but it is not able to learn from environment changes.

Easy installation

Inflexible system

Icetana's AI takes advantage of exisitng infrastructure and run in parallel to other security systems.

Each software usually requires specific settings, different hardware, which usually don't work together.

One accurate and updated information

Multiple information without constant update

Icetana' system only delivers relevant and updated information, hiding normal envrionment images, to avoid distracting operators.

Records all the events, even not relevant ones, distracting and making operators tired.

Thus, after Icetana's Artificial Intelligence has been installed and trained for the location to be monitored, it begins to identify unusual situations and highlight these images for the operator.


In other words, if a car is passing by in a place that doesn't normally receive a flow of cars, it will generate an alert, and the operator will be able to act in real time if necessary.


If you want to have these advantages in your video surveillance system in just a few days. Contact us and schedule a meeting with our experts.