10 November 2022

Invest in technology for the field

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With technology increasingly present in the field, many resources have been made available, promoting more efficiency and productivity for agriculture. There are embedded computers for agricultural machinery, disease identification applications. In short, we currently find technology for the field in all stages of production.


The possibilities increase every day, and always seek to offer resource optimization, reduce losses, and improve efficiency. This way, the producer stops counting only on luck and looks at the field with a business vision. And this is where Macnica ATD Europe can help a lot in agribusiness. The company has disruptive and unprecedented technologies in Europe, such as BrainTech from InnerEye.


InnerEye's technology accelerates the process of training AI networks up to 10 times.


BrainTech technology is exactly the junction of Artificial Intelligence and the Human Brain. In other words, it uses nuances of the brain to refine the AI network. This makes the network judgment more assertive and makes the AI network training stage up to 10x faster.


Embrapa in partnership with Macnica DHW (Macnica Inc. subsidiary in Brasil) and InnerEye is already using braintech technology in tests with disease identification in soybean leaves.

BrainTech Technology for Agriculture 4.0

Just as Embrapa saw great potential in InnerEye's technology for identifying diseases in soybeans, this technology can be used for other types of plants. Such as, for example, detecting diseases in peach, tobacco, tomato, and bell pepper crops.


However, AI solutions can be used in other stages of production, such as detecting the ripeness of fruits and vegetables, the quality levels of the product arriving at the factory, among others. After all the sky is the limit when it comes to Artificial Intelligence.


In all situations where it is necessary to classify products, InnerEye's solution is a great ally, because it speeds up the process in a reliable way.

How does BrainTech technology work?

As shown in the image above, the interaction with the human brain made by InnerEye's technology happens through the use of the sensor helmet connected to the computer.


This helmet has several EEG (electroencephalogram) sensors that read the neural signals from the brain to visual stimuli.


This approach brings even more agility to the labeling step of the input data. Remembering that this step of classification and labeling of data is usually the most time-consuming one in the process of training the AI network, since a lot of data is needed for training the network, for example thousands of images.


Thus, for the labeling process, several images are displayed on the monitor and the expert just responds to the stimulus mentally. Thus, it is possible to label up to 4 images per second.


Therefore, it is much easier and faster to train an AI network with data directly from the brains of experts, be they agricultural engineers, doctors, security guards, among many others.


Once again technology is at the service of innovation in the most varied markets, and thus collaborating with Agriculture 4.0.


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