23 March 2023

More efficient video surveillance security systems: Learn more about Icetana's AI solution


Icetana's AI solution automates the live monitoring process. This is a powerful tool to enhance video surveillance security systems and video surveillance networks.


It is even better and has gained new features to make it easier to use and make your video surveillance security system even more efficient. See what's new in this tool and why it is the best solution for your company.

New features of Icetana's AI solution

The new features of Icetana's AI solution have arrived to make this tool even better. Now, access to the platform through your browser is even faster and it includes filters for searching images and data in the collection.


Once installed, Icetana's AI solution starts monitoring the site with its pre-programmed intelligence. The images and possible abnormal events captured by it can already be identified in the first 24 hours.


Furthermore, within a week, the intelligence of the AI solution will be optimized, its performance will gradually improve based on your current preferences and site routine. This happens because the intelligence of the tool has a continuous learning based on the data collected daily.

security-systems-learn-more-about-icetana-s-ai-solution Icetana's AI solution being used in a security system with more than 200 cameras installed.

Advantages of using Icetana's AI solution in security systems with video surveillance

As you have seen, Icetana's AI solution is full of new features and capabilities for even better performance. All these features bring many advantages to the use of this tool in security systems with video surveillance. See below what these advantages are:

  • Identify and highlight abnormal and critical events in real time.
  • Provide agility for security guards to respond quickly to possible suspicious activity and threats.
  • Reduce the visual fatigue of security guards who spend hours in front of monitors viewing images from security cameras.
  • Facilitate the review of recorded images, being able to view 24 hours of recordings in up to 2 minutes.
  • Simplify the installation of the system, because it is not necessary to define rules in advance.


Now that you know the features and benefits of Icetana's AI solution, count on it to make your security systems with video surveillance even more efficient. This tool can serve several markets, such as airports, ports, universities, banks, and shopping malls.


To learn more about it, contact us at marketing.mae@macnica.com and enjoy all the advantages of Icetana's AI solution in the security of your company.

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