Dec 19, 2023

ADI OtoSense: artificial intelligence for predictive maintenance

In recent years, various technologies, such as artificial intelligence, have driven the development and implementation of Industry 4.0, especially in the areas of manufacturing and quality. Recently, the industrial maintenance sector has also discovered that it can benefit from these innovations.

How is artificial intelligence applied in industry?

One of the first steps in the digital transformation of industry using artificial intelligence is the data collection on the operation of machinery and equipment. From this, assertive decisions can be made, and processes can be optimized, such as is predictive maintenance.


Even in small and medium-sized industries, the number of electric motors and other equipment is large, and the operating environment tends to be aggressive, with dust, soot and high or low temperatures, for example. For this reason, the artificial intelligence devices used need to be robust and flexible and able to communicate wirelessly.


With this in mind, Macnica ATD Europe has brought the ADI OtoSense solution to Europe. It performs intelligent monitoring of electric motors.

Intelligent sensors for electric motors from ADI OtoSense

ADI OtoSense devices are small and lightweight, easy to install and require no significant changes in the industry. With this solution, you can intelligently monitor low-voltage three-phase electric motors from 0.5 hp to 700 hp. In addition, the sensors have replaceable AA lithium batteries, which last about a year in their standard configuration.


ADI OtoSense intelligent sensors for electric motors are magnetic, so they can measure:

  • vibration on two axes
  • ambient temperature
  • the temperature of the motor housing;
  • the motor's electrical characteristics.
ADI OtoSense device

ADI OtoSense device. Source: Behance.


Other important points about the ADI OtoSense device:

  • its communication with the internet is via Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz, so there is no need to install Bluetooth or 3G/4G gateways, and it has a range of over 50 meters.
  • it has an IP55 degree of protection, which is suitable for most applications, especially in the pulp and paper, food, pharmaceutical and automotive industries.

ADI OtoSense devices: a quick and easy configuration

ADI OtoSense devices can be fully configured using an Android or iOS smartphone with an enabled license. From there, simply connect the device to the existing Wi-Fi network, fill in the information about the motor and start the learning process.


During the learning process, ADI OtoSense collects data and sends it to the cloud, where it is processed by an artificial intelligence platform. In about seven days, the device can predict some types of faults and, after four weeks, it has finished its training and starts to indicate nine types of faults:

  • power faults;
  • variations in stator resistance;
  • rotor resistance variations;
  • displacements of the center of gravity;
  • eccentricity problems;
  • bearing defects;
  • connected load alignment problems;
  • cooling problems;
  • engine fastening problems.


By displaying any faults - and not just abnormal parameters - to maintenance managers and supervisors, this device enables faster and more correct decisions to be made, avoiding lengthy stoppages to repair simple faults.

Web platform for monitoring electric motors. Source: ADI OtoSense.


By using a complete and intuitive web platform, you can monitor and manage the maintenance of your industry's electric motors from anywhere, including your smartphone. You can also set up alerts to only be notified when strictly necessary. In addition, the Application Programming Interface (API) allows you to integrate this solution into an existing maintenance management system.


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