Jan 09, 2024

ADI OtoSense intelligent sensor for electric motors

The ADI OtoSense intelligent sensor for electric motors, based on artificial intelligence (AI), is already transforming the industry. This technology uses AI to boost the performance of electric motors, providing numerous benefits such as:

  • fast and accurate diagnosis;
  • prior knowledge of which parts to change and when;
  • real-time monitoring, 24 hours a day;
  • easy interpretation of the data to act quickly and effectively on the solution;
  • guarantee that the engines are working at high performance;
  • reduced engine downtime and savings on maintenance costs;
  • simple installation and immediate start of monitoring;
  • low-cost rechargeable battery;
  • data transmission via Wi-Fi;
  • savings on parts stocks.

Predictive maintenance for electric motors in the automotive sector

The continuous monitoring of motors, carried out by intelligent sensors and AI, makes it possible to identify wear or problems in mechanical components. This enables proactive action to be taken, carrying out repairs or replacements before serious failures occur, keeping production stable and avoiding unexpected interruptions.


Another advantage of using predictive maintenance technology is the optimization of the manufacturing process. Through the real-time data analysis carried out by intelligent engine sensors, it is possible to identify patterns and opportunities for improvement in the production process.


For this reason, the ADI OtoSense intelligent sensor for electric motors provides great value to the industry. Through advanced data collection and analysis, this tool helps automotive industries predict and prevent motor problems, ensuring stable and optimized operation of production lines.


With innovations like this, companies can tackle the challenges of the shop floor and achieve great results, such as:

  • improvements in operational efficiency
  • cost reduction
  • Improving the quality of the products manufactured;
  • consolidating their competitive position in the sector.

In addition to the food and automotive industries, other segments can benefit from the use of this technology, such as the power generation, and paper industries.

Application in the power generation industry

According to an article by BehrTech, industrial environments with predictive maintenance initiatives reduce overall maintenance costs by 5% to 10%. In addition, with the ADI OtoSense intelligent motor sensor, it is possible to reduce unplanned downtime of power plant motors by up to 80%.


"The ADI OtoSense SMS device allows us to efficiently monitor the motors of important machines in the power generation process. These include gas turbine cooling fans, hydraulic oil control pumps and closed-loop cooling pumps. In this way, we optimize the measurement of manual vibrations, save maintenance man-hours and prevent operators from accessing dangerous locations or elevations," said Naturgy Plant Maintenance Manager Gonzalo Gracia De La Rosa.

power generation industry

Application in the paper industry

A failure in one of the motors that drive the different rollers or pumps in the papermaking process is enough to cause a halt in production and the loss of material. In this context, the ADI OtoSense intelligent motor sensor facilitates monitoring, including of critical machines that drive breakers. Uptime and production quality are thus guaranteed.

paper industry

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