Jan 18, 2024

Artificial intelligence to optimize industrial automation

According to a survey carried out by Salesforce in 2023, 91% of companies around the world are looking for industrial automation, mainly with the use of artificial intelligence (AI).

In this survey, much has been said about the use of artificial intelligence in industrial automation as a significant digital transformation that is revolutionizing the way industries operate and produce goods. This is because with AI it is possible to:

  • optimize processes
  • improve efficiency
  • reduce costs;
  • increase quality in industrial production.

Artificial intelligence in predictive maintenance

By constantly monitoring sensors and analyzing data, artificial intelligence can predict when industrial machines will need maintenance, avoiding unscheduled downtime and increasing uptime. Predictive maintenance can be implemented at all levels of the industrial process, and Macnica ATD Europe can recommend the best solution for your company.


With the ADI OtoSense intelligent motor sensor, for example, you can monitor the condition of your motors quickly and easily. Its installation requires no drilling into the engine and the artificial intelligence delivers the first analysis results within 7 days.

predictive maintenance

Human-machine collaboration and computer vision

As well as being widely used in data analysis, artificial intelligence can collaborate with workers in a variety of ways, such as:

  • assisting with complex, manual and repetitive tasks;
  • providing guidance on processes
  • increasing the safety and quality of activities.


A good example is Retrocausal's video monitoring solution. This device works like an extra pair of eyes, helping employees in their activities, especially in companies with manual and repetitive manufacturing processes.


By collecting and analyzing images in real time during the execution of the task, Retrocausal's artificial intelligence solution can measure the efficiency of the process, evaluating its ergonomics, as well as issuing alerts whenever a step is forgotten or poorly executed. As a result, production becomes more efficient, reducing rework and even the waste of poorly assembled products. In addition, this solution allows you to analyze all the parts manufactured, eliminating the need to sample production.

monitoring solution

Count on Macnica ATD Europe to find the best AI solution for industrial automation

In addition to the solutions we've mentioned, artificial intelligence is present in a number of other devices aimed at:

·         optimize processes through data analysis;

·         increase quality control by monitoring all stages of production and integrating information;

·         improve logistics and the supply chain by integrating stock and transportation route data;

·         making decisions based on analytical data collected and analyzed in real time.


Artificial intelligence is therefore increasingly present in the industrial environment and is an essential tool for the digital transformation process implemented by Industry 4.0. And you do not need to carry out this transformation alone: you can count on Macnica ATD Europe’s qualified team. We can help you find the ideal solution for your company, using the full potential of artificial intelligence.


Want to know more about the solutions we have mentioned and other AI options that can speed up your industrial automation process? Click here and get in touch with our experts.